One of the unique benefits of online learning is that it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a variety of concepts from educators all over the world. In that spirit, CourseTalk is excited to introduce our newest course provider, European Multiple MOOC Aggregator (EMMA)!


Funded by the European Union (EU), EMMA offers courses from leading European universities. Its nine courses currently on CourseTalk range from climate change to learning assessment for teachers, with more on the way.

Here’s what we’re loving about EMMA:

  • Free courses allow you to explore topics without being constrained by your wallet.
  • The seven-week course format is structured to maximize learning. A new section becomes available each week, but you can enroll at any time during the course’s duration.
  • A blend of learning delivery methods allows you to view the material from different angles. Each course includes video, written content and the opportunity to interact with your fellow students and the instructor.
  • With EMMA, you experience a multicultural approach to online learning. Since it’s delivered by universities across Europe, you can gain a different perspective whether you’re learning about a new topic or one you’ve studied for years. Also, course materials are offered in the native language of the university, as well as in English.

EMMA, which launched in 2014, is led by the University of Naples Federico II in Italy along with 11 partner universities in Estonia, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Look for more and more courses to become available as EMMA provides its e-learning technology to additional universities interested in experimenting with MOOCs.

Let us know about your experience with EMMA by writing a review on CourseTalk or leaving a comment.

Welcome to CourseTalk, EMMA!