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Would free college tuition change MOOCs?

By Shea Drefs and Allen Taylor

free ed

Donald Trump wants to reduce the Department of Education’s influence, Ted Cruz promises to eliminate the department altogether and Hillary Clinton is committed to no-loan tuition. As radical as the ideas of these U.S. presidential candidates are, Bernie Sanders’ plan for higher education may be the most radical of all; the Vermont senator wants to get rid of tuition at U.S. public colleges and universities. If he were elected and successful, how would free college affect Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)?

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5 courses for a career in America’s fastest-growing sector

By Jen Seuhr and Shea Drefs


Did you know the five fastest-growing industries in the U.S. all belong to the health care sector? Employers from doctor’s offices to labs and home care companies are expected to increase staff by up to 4.8 percent every year until at least 2024. If you’re as excited about this sector as the analysts, try the following courses to help get you in the door or advance your career.
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Happy birthday, CourseTalk!

CourseTalk turns 3 this month! Here’s what we’re celebrating as we look back on the past year.


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CourseTalk joins new international MOOC group

MOOC Expert Committee launches to advance online learning

Global members span nonprofit, academic, governmental, business worlds

WASHINGTON — October 6, 2015 — Online courses have the potential to expand quality education, provide scientific and cultural content, and offer career training and professional development worldwide. To this end, a public-private partnership has formed to harness the power of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which are available to anyone with no enrollment caps or application process.

The MOOC Expert Committee is a rallying platform of professionals from different industries, organizations and countries working to advance learning through MOOCs. The Committee will create a community, provide space for dialogue, exchange ideas and innovative practices, showcase technologies and underscore pedagogical aspects of online learning around the world.

Aiming to identify educational trends, the Committee will promote new technologies and eventually advise policy makers on effective open education endeavors. Members of the Committee bring complementary perspectives on how to design, implement, monitor and evaluate MOOC-based programs around the globe.

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Q&A with a record-setting CourseTalk reviewer

Greg Hamel recently left his 100th CourseTalk review, setting a new site record! We decided it was the perfect opportunity to ask this prolific reviewer about his online learning journey. Greg is a Minneapolis-based writer with a B.A. in economics. He took his first online class, on computer programming, in 2011 through MIT OpenCourseWare, and he’s been taking MOOCs ever since. Read on for insights from a seasoned online learner.


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