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The experts agree: We’re in an education revolution

If you hadn’t yet felt it yourself, the world’s education specialists have news for you: We’re in the midst of a revolution.

CourseTalk spent the past several days at SXSWedu — one of the premier education conferences in the U.S. — and expert after expert emphasized how technology, research and innovation are changing learning forever.


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Stop slighting the MOOC, and let it grow up

carolyn mcintyre

Carolyn McIntyre, CEO of MoocLab

Slighting MOOCs has become trendy, it seems. They’re not what they were deemed to be; they’re failing to disrupt the educational world as we know it; they have high dropout rates, no universal certification system, blah blah blah.

Hold on: MOOCs are only a few years old. They’re in the early stages of infancy with their whole lives ahead of them. And their future looks promising.

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Are MOOCs right for high schoolers?

James, a 17-year-old high school student from rural Georgia, took his first MOOC when he was just 15. Since then, he’s completed four others in a variety of subjects. With hopes of pursuing a career in chemical engineering, MOOCs have helped set James in the right direction. “MOOCs have definitely helped me decide on my future major,” he says. “Without them, I probably would not have gotten the opportunity to explore different areas, such as energy.”


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CourseTalk joins new international MOOC group

MOOC Expert Committee launches to advance online learning

Global members span nonprofit, academic, governmental, business worlds

WASHINGTON — October 6, 2015 — Online courses have the potential to expand quality education, provide scientific and cultural content, and offer career training and professional development worldwide. To this end, a public-private partnership has formed to harness the power of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which are available to anyone with no enrollment caps or application process.

The MOOC Expert Committee is a rallying platform of professionals from different industries, organizations and countries working to advance learning through MOOCs. The Committee will create a community, provide space for dialogue, exchange ideas and innovative practices, showcase technologies and underscore pedagogical aspects of online learning around the world.

Aiming to identify educational trends, the Committee will promote new technologies and eventually advise policy makers on effective open education endeavors. Members of the Committee bring complementary perspectives on how to design, implement, monitor and evaluate MOOC-based programs around the globe.

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4 edtech books (+ 1 article) to complete your summer reading list


Fall’s fast approaching, but there’s still time to brush up on what’s happening in online education with your summer reading! Make the last few weeks of summer count with these five reads; they give excellent overviews of the trends, obstacles and opportunities facing the e-learning industry.


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