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4 online courses to make going back to school a breeze


It’s back-to-school season in the northern hemisphere! Students: Now’s your last chance to refresh any skills that got rusty over the summer, plus learn new techniques that’ll set you up for success throughout the year. Here are four MOOCs  — all available on demand  — to get you started! Search CourseTalk’s catalog of 40,000 courses for many more in your specific subject area.

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5 critical job skills for 2014 and the courses that teach them

In today’s fast-paced economy, it has become increasingly difficult to remain competitive in your field. More employers are looking for workers who can cross disciplines and wear multiple hats. To stay current or even get ahead of the curve, take a look at these five important skills that employers want in 2014 and the courses you can take to learn them.

1. Web Development

Companies want candidates who are coding-literate. The ability to tweak, update, and even develop the user interface of a site has become invaluable to employers. Provide yourself wi

th a basic foundation by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll need all three to develop an entire website, but even knowing just a little HTML can help bring you up to speed in this digital era.

Companies especially want employees adept in mobile web design and mobile app development. Combine your creativity with your coding skills to doubly impress.

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